Do coupon codes stack? Or bypass prices?

Hi folks,

Just curious about how coupon codes work with existing discounts.

We have a catalog-wide discount of 10% right now. What we want to do is give certain customers a coupon code for 30% off. Will the 30% stack on to the 10%? Or will the 30% take the amount off of the price and only give the customer a maximum of 30% off?

Hopefully that made sense :slight_smile:

Depends on the priority of the promotions and whether you have the “stop other rules” checkbox checked.

Hmm - well, I tried using the “stop other promotions” and it seemed to take the discount off of the already discounted price. Should I have set the coupon code to priority 1 possibly and that’s what could be doing it?

Thanks for the help!

Still seem to be having an issue with this thing. I saw a bug tracker saying that this got fixed in 2.1.2, but I’m wondering if I’m encountering the same problem.

I still have one Catalog based discount applied to all categories for 10% off at all times. This gives everyone 10% off of the original product price.

I have a coupon code now setup at the Cart level that has the “Stop all other promotions” checked for 30% off.

But when you go to Checkout, you apply the coupon code, and it stacks the Catalog 10% and adds an additional 30% for a grand total of 40% off.

Am I just missing something here? Or does this sound like a legit issue?

I’ve tried both checking and unchecking the “Allow customers to use single discount coupon only” box, and it seems to make no difference.

Seems to me if you have discount for all products @ 10% (with no stop) and you have a coupon @ 30% (with stop) and the discount for all products is running first (lower position number) then I would expect it to end up giving 40% off.

Please note this is an educated guess, not verified by reading any code and verifying the process. But that’s how I would “expect” it to work… But then I’ve been wrong in those darn expectations before…

Are you saying that this type of thing can’t be done?

I’ve tried both changing the positions (made the 30% priority 1 and the 10% priority 2, and vise versa). I’ve tried putting stop on both, stop on 10% and not 30%, stop on 30% but not on 10%, and no stop on either. I’ve tried changing the bonus from Order Total to Product Category Discount.

And in every case, the 10% is being added, and the 30% can’t seem to stop the 10%.

The “easy” fix is to just make it a 20% instead of 30%, it’ll just stack up on the 10% catalog discount, but I have a few more pricing complexities that make that option not really workable.

I’m having a tough time believing that what I want to do is not possible. It can’t be because the 10% is a catalog discount and the 30% is a cart incentive because I tried adding a separate cart incentive on set of products, but the 30% STILL stacks.

I don’t know… I am not prepared to do testing for you . Only trying to tell you how I believe is “supposed” to work. Have you asked the helpdesk?