Do 'stop rules' affect only *that* kind of promotion?

My customer has a 10% promo for teachers: If you are of “teachers” user group you get 10% off. He also has a promo coupon available: Type in code “abc” and get 15% off.

Both coupons have different priority levels. They are both currently valid/active. They also both have “stop” code set.

When I create an order as a logged-in teacher customer, my order is having both discounts applied. I'm thinking that it is because the “stop” on the teacher promo will stop all other user-based promos, and that the “stop” on the coupon code will stop all other coupons. But the stop on a user-based promo won't affect the stop on a coupon promo, and vice-versa.

Am I correct? The user really wants to have an either/or setup. The teacher shouldn't also have a coupon. I note that if I change the coupon to exclude teachers then the cart says “no such coupon”.

Is there a better or easier way to get my intended effect?



Then make the coupon apply to all but the teachers group.

I've tried that as an experiment, and it works. But is that the only way to get things done?

To rephrase my question, does a “stop” on a product promotion affect an application of a cart promotion? And vice-versa? By its definition, that both are promotions, one interpretation is that a “stop” is a “stop”, and that one affects the other.

But another thought occurs to me: If I get 5% off a product, why should the 10% on my cart be affected? So it depends on the intent, which I don't find in the manual.

Thanks for your answer, though.


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Then make the coupon apply to all but the teachers group.


One man's feature is another's bug. The way it is offers the most flexibility.

A stop on a promotion type stops further promotions of that type.

For your second question… 5% off a product is a catalog promotion and 10% off a purchase is a cart promotion. So as with stops, the promotions are done by type.

Catalog types are done when the item is added to the cart.

Cart types are done as part of checkout.