Divs/Java slide show problem


I am really wanting to put a simple 3 image slide show in the main area below the top navigation buttons. However, after trying 12leaves slide show, and a couple of free ones, I have found the navigation throw-outs top and side nav go BEHIND the slide images. I can see why it is happening, as I can’t manually put the navigation on a div, as it’s in the templates.

Has anyone managed a work around? Maybe I can add a div order entry for the navigation INTO the template file for the home page?

Any ideas would be great. I won’t go flash route, as not working on an iPhone.

Plus that would mess with the navigation as well no doubt.

Issue is resolved. I used the cool Sliding 12 Leaves banner which is Java run. Works a treat. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.


Hi did you have this same issue as me? Please read my post. I have not been able to fix this yet and I still need assistance


thank you