Displaying "free Shipping" On Product Page

I have a number of products that I'd like to offer free shipping for. Surprisingly, I don't see a way of prominently promoting this fact right on the product page. Sure, the customer will get a nice surprise when he hits the checkout page, but what good does that do me by then?

Just to be clear, I'm not talking about free shipping once a total dollar cart is reached. This would be for free shipping for certain products, period.

Does anyone know of an addon that will do this automatically? I've scoured the addon's page and didn't see anything, but maybe I'm missing something.

I did come across this article:


I passed this along to my developer, but he said it does not work on custom themes.


Shouldn't be theme dependent.

Should be pretty easy to create a block for the products page layout that does something like:

{* no html above this line or after the closing 'if' *}
{if $product.free_shipping == 'Y'}
Your free shipping html goes here

If free shipping is 'Y' for a product, the block will display. If not then it won't.


You can also bulk edit promo text if you do not have many products with free shipping. This is in case if you like the place where promo text is displayed at the storefront, otherwise HTML block from the previous post is easier.

For example, our Product Stickers addon allows to display stickers for free shipping products

Thank you all for the great advice!

I decided to give eComLabs add-on a shot. Looks like the easiest solution!

Yes, that's a good solution and the stickers do come in handy.

I was sure I had read something about this "free shipping" a few days ago.

Not sure if this may apply to your situation, I've not tried this but you may wish to view this CS-Cart 4.3.x article on free shipping label on product details page: