Display Stock Count on Main Category Page?

Hello All!

I have been trolling around for a day or so looking for a solution to what seems to be a very simple fix, but I am unable to find anything which points me in the right direction. I would just like to have the stock count of the items being displayed under the main category page to show up under the item code that is displayed. I have messed with the product_options.tpl and categories.tpl and I have no idea what to add where…any help would be GREATLY appreciated and as always, THANK YOU!!!





I forgot to mention that I believe this code:

{if $settings.General.inventory_tracking == ‘Y’ && $settings.General.allow_negative_amount != ‘Y’ && $product.tracking != ‘D’ && $product.is_edp != ‘Y’}


{$product.amount} {$lang.items}

Is the code I need to insert to get the desired effect…but I am not sure and can’t figure out the file it would go in…thanks!