Display Stock Column When Adding New Order From Backend


I want to display stock column, in table formed when adding new order from backend - please check the attached print screen.

What files / functions are used when extracting and passing information to browser page (or template?!) to add new product line (with Product, Price, Quantity fileds)?

I've noticed XHR POST request when click on a product line in search box list results, for example to


but, as I understand, this is only for add product to cart, and maybe JavaScript is used to "display" info in page browser.

It would be enough to indicate me files / functions where to look and add my code, and some brief indications. No problem if core files modifications needed...

Many thanks!


Templates of order management are located here:




Main amount of functions:


Did you get this to work? Can you elaborate on how?

How much would this modification cost?


Please contact us to get a quote