Display specific products at checkout page

Hi all,

I’m using Cs-cart as a book store. I would like to have an option for my customers as below:

At the checkout page, my customer will able to purchase other items (notepads, badges, posters, e.g. merchandise items).

However these items are not available to purchase separately (they have to buy at least 1 book in order to purchase those items). Is this possible?

As long as there are no dependencies between which items are purchased and which items are displayed, you can do this using blocks.

First, create a category to hold your special products and set its status to ‘Hidden’. Then, assign your products to the hidden category - make sure their status is ‘Active’.

In Design->Blocks, create a new block (Block content: Products, Filling: Manually) on the ‘Checkout’ tab. Click the “Add” link on your new block and add your special products, clicking the “Add products” button when done.

This should display these products on the checkout page. Since the category is hidden, the products will not be generally available in the storefront unless someone knows the product URL.