Display product feature design


On the category product list page we have 1 product feature selected, now we want 2, the problem is that in the design the features are displayed in sequence

Brand Delivery: 2 weeks

We like to display this like:


Delivery: 2 weeks

in the product_list.tpl i have found this code, but how can i split {$smarty.capture.$product_features} ?!

{assign var="product_features" value="product_features_`$obj_id`"}{$smarty.capture.$product_features}

Many of my products have 6-8 features. The laundry list of features on the product list was one of the things I disabled with hooks.

The display was much cleaner without it.

But, I'm sure there is some here who can point you in the right direction to parse those features and put break tags between them.

Found it. Here the fix:

  1. Go to your product feature list in de admin and you place for example in de suffix field ***
  2. Edit products_list.tpl line 83

    {assign var=“product_features” value=“product_features_$obj_id”}{$smarty.capture.$product_features}


    {assign var=“product_features” value=“product_features_$obj_id”}

    {assign var=“product_featuress” value=$smarty.capture.$product_features}

    {assign var=product_featuress value=“***”|explode:$product_featuress}



    This fix is for 2 features, but you can also make a foreach loop.