Display Of Vendors' Products

Hi everyone,

I’m new to CS-Cart, but basically what i wanted to ask is how can i display ALL the products the vendor is selling in a thumbnail format, instead of showing the categories url=“http://demo.mv.cs-cart.com/simtech”[/url] first.

I would like to see the products immediately, something like displaying the thumbnails of all the products url=“http://demo.mv.cs-cart.com/index.php?dispatch=products.search&search_performed=Y&cid=176&company_id=1”[/url] something like that.

I’m not too sure if any has asked that question, but i don’t think this is a retarded question…any help is appreciated here! :)



Hi Eric, it can be done with this addon: Add-ons :: Content (galleries, look) :: Text blocks :: Vendor Page Pro

As alternative, you can create a new location for the vendors (there is the pre-defined location) and add block with products for each vendor to the Vendor page.

Hi Eric, thanks for your order! Please feel free to contact us at any time if there is any problem or custom project for CS-Cart/Multivendor edition.