Display Limit Vendor's Products On Main Store

Ok, I will try to be as clear as I can.

Is there any way that the main admin can limit the number of vendor’s products to be displayed on the main store?

Why I say that?

Reason 1.

If vendor A uploads 100 products at the category electronics. Then vendor B uploads 200 products at the same category. If vendor C uploads 10 products at the same category then his products will be lost on this category because most of the products that will be shown will be from vendor A and B.

Reason 2.

I would like to be able as a main admin, to have the choice to set a number of limit at the products of a certain vendor,to be shown at the main store, so I can make different price packages. for ex. for 40 products to be shown at the main store will cost 5$, for 80 products will cost 8$ etc.

This is just for the main store. All products of each vendor will be displayed at their mini-store.

Each vendor when they upload their products will have something like an option to choose which product they want to be displayed at the main store. So for ex if a vendor uploads 100 products, will choose 20 products to be displayed at the main store but all 100 will be displayed at his/her store.

I don’t know if this is possible but I believe it is a good idea to be implemented at cs cart.

Thank you in advance.

We are very interested in this any developer interested to make such an add on?