Display Issue On Vendor's Page


I have just updated to the latest version of MV. On the companies.view&company_id= page, where there used to be only the company name, email and phone number, now the full description, and full address are also displayed. How can I remove the extra elements and leave only company name, email and phone?


You should edit the following template


{include file="common/company_data.tpl" company=$company_data show_name=true show_descr=true show_rating=true show_logo=true show_links=true show_address=true show_location_full=true}

Change true to false for required parameters and clear cache then

Thanks eCom. Actually the issue is within the section "contact information". It currently includes the description of the company which I would like to remove. Any ideas?

So you should correct mentioned template to exclude necessary data

{include file="common/company_data.tpl" company=$company_data show_name=true show_descr=false show_rating=true show_logo=true show_links=true show_address=true show_location_full=false}

No change :(

Do not forget to clear cache or delete the var/cache directory manually

Did both... deleted var and manually deleted var/cache. Still the description under contact information on the companies.viewpage exists!! And it appears as:


Clothing and footwear products

I also tried changing all fields to "false". Everything disappeared except the "contact information" field where the description is still included !!

Try to replace

{if $smarty.capture["profile_fields_{$obj_id}"]|trim}


{if $smarty.capture["profile_fields_{$obj_id}"]|trim && false}

Then clear cache

Thanks eCom.

This totally removed the "contact information" field altogether. Only the "shipping address" field remains.

I still need the other contact information available (e.g. email and telephone number) which are displayed under "contact information"

In this case you should add corresponding conditions for the required profile fields under the following line

{if $smarty.capture["profile_fields_{$obj_id}"]|trim}

Could you give an example please. e.g. how to add the contact email and telephone number of the vendor?


After {foreach} add conditions by $field_id or $field_data.field_type