Display Custom Table Data

I am wanting to display data from a table (that I created). The table is called

package_contents and contains various information about what a package contains (ie; Package 1 Contains : CD, DVD, Box, Headphones)

Now, the problem is how to display this information on the actual product page itself (the page that would show the specific product.) Here is how the table looks

package contents :

product_id = the actual product id that is related to the package contents

package_content_name = holds the name of the package contents

I simply want to display this data onto the product’s page (the specific product at hand)

I’ve tried editing the view.tpl file (in the Customer’s Controllers) and then the products.php (in the Customer’s Controllers). I’ve tried everything from using pure MySQL in the .php files, up to making up fake variables in the .tpl file and nothing seems to work.

If anyone could give insight as to how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.