Display Custom Product Feature In Single Product Template File


I have created a new custom product feature from Products >> Features.

I have to get the value of this custom product feature in a template file like


What code I want to write on this file to get my new product feature?

Thanks in advance.

You can enable on the following options on the Update product feature page:


Thanks for your help @eComLabs.

My aim is to add a size chart feature as a text and call this value below short description. The size chart feature will be a an image link. If I can get this value, I can make it as an image tag inside a popup.

But I want to call this custom feature in single product view template file same like title , description etc.

We can offer you to create size chart in another way. You can create the Size chart product tab on the Design -> Product tabs page. Then add HTML block as a content of the product tab and add size chart content there. As a result, you will be able to use common chart for all products / specify unique content for specific products / disable this tab for specific products. What do you think about it?


I want to set a home page for a Single Product page, kindly let me know how can i do that

Please follow the link below!

One Page Product Layout