Display Category depending on geolocation

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Is there a n addon that will display Category and its products depending to the customers geolocation?

I can limit the shipment and payment but i need something that will not display the category to anyboody except few selected countries.

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Cart power does one,Im not 100% sure if this only prevents shipping but maybe can be modified

I just purchased this one from @cart-power and it has geo restiction at cart level, I am still undertaking user acceptance testing and haven’t tested that aspect but the billing aspect works well. I image adding a city or zip code based modification they would be able to copy and paste a lot of code so such a modification might be pretty economical.

The flexability this add-on to target delivery zones, shipping and payment types and tailor offerings to different countries and states is pretty impressive.

Two tips if you do go with it.

  • The add-on adds two additional save buttons, using the product save button will not save your restictions, you need to use the add-on save button. If you are using on mobile the one for billing/shipping/geo based restictions is long way down (just under the geo restictions though so you are unlikely to miss it like I did.
  • For me the installation was a bit glitchy, if you have issues wait at least 10 seconds after it saids it is saved and then head back into the add-in manager … might be same with when you save a product too.

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You can send your request to us directly at sales@cart-power.com and we will assist.

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Thank you all for the replys :slight_smile:
I am already using The Shipping and Payment Restrictions add-on .
Its working great for years already.

However i need the category:
not to appear on the frontend for any customers
except for the customers with aloved geolocation.

So it needs to happen before the customer can see any products or add them to cart.

  • So for example if there is category “Flowers” it will display it only if it detects the customers comming from France
    but it will not display it to any other countries…

  • Similarrly if there is a category Cheese, it will only show it to the custometrs with their ip geolocation is only from Holland and Belgium…

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