Disgusting Service From Caxid

I asked CAXID Templates for a quote on Vend Integration with cs-cart on 11-05-2014

I paid on the 12-05-2014 to this day I have received nothing. I have paid $200 ( half of the project )

They have now just stopped responding to me. It has now been over 3 weeks, when the actual lead time was 13 days. Below is the chat log on skype as evidence. I urge you to avoid this company at all costs!

[11-05-2014 07:09:04 PM] Warren Pleass: Hi

[11-05-2014 07:09:12 PM] Warren Pleass: I am looking to integrate vend with cs-cart

[11-05-2014 07:10:22 PM] Warren Pleass: how much would this cost

[11-05-2014 07:11:06 PM] Warren Pleass: you know what vend is

[11-05-2014 07:11:08 PM] Warren Pleass: vendhq.co.za

[11-05-2014 07:11:10 PM] Warren Pleass: sorry

[11-05-2014 07:11:12 PM] Warren Pleass: vendhq.com

[11-05-2014 07:11:27 PM] Warren Pleass: Developers | Lightspeed Retail

[12-05-2014 06:41:49 AM] caxidtechnologies: Hi good day

[12-05-2014 06:41:57 AM] caxidtechnologies: Warren

[12-05-2014 07:21:58 AM] Warren Pleass: Morning

[12-05-2014 07:31:17 AM] caxidtechnologies: How are you?

[12-05-2014 07:33:47 AM] Warren Pleass: Fine and you

[12-05-2014 07:34:20 AM] caxidtechnologies: I am fine thanks

[12-05-2014 07:40:13 AM] caxidtechnologies: My team analyse your requirements

[12-05-2014 07:40:22 AM] caxidtechnologies: We can do it

[12-05-2014 07:40:57 AM] Warren Pleass: Great how much are we looking at

[12-05-2014 07:41:44 AM] caxidtechnologies: You want only extension

[12-05-2014 07:41:56 AM] caxidtechnologies: Right

[12-05-2014 07:43:14 AM] Warren Pleass: Yea

[12-05-2014 07:44:15 AM] caxidtechnologies: I want ten days

[12-05-2014 07:44:49 AM] Warren Pleass: 10 days to? Complete

[12-05-2014 07:44:59 AM] caxidtechnologies: 10 to 13 working days

[12-05-2014 07:45:11 AM] caxidtechnologies: I will finish

[12-05-2014 07:45:53 AM] caxidtechnologies: Budget 400 $

[12-05-2014 07:46:24 AM] caxidtechnologies: It’s offer price

[12-05-2014 07:46:55 AM] Warren Pleass: sounds fair

[12-05-2014 07:47:40 AM] caxidtechnologies: What is your budget?

[12-05-2014 07:48:07 AM] Warren Pleass: that is fine

[12-05-2014 07:49:22 AM] caxidtechnologies: Ok thank you

[12-05-2014 07:49:58 AM] Warren Pleass: tell what it will integrate tho

[12-05-2014 07:50:03 AM] caxidtechnologies: Now I start this work?

[12-05-2014 07:52:58 AM] Warren Pleass: Get product info from cs-cart, Sync products, stock levels and sales, import customer info from cs-cart and vice versa

[12-05-2014 07:53:07 AM] Warren Pleass: will it do this

[12-05-2014 07:53:12 AM] Warren Pleass: please outline what it will do?

[12-05-2014 07:54:15 AM] Warren Pleass:

Product name

Product description

Product ID




Notify for quantity below (Magento) < > Re-order point (Vend)

SKU (Magento) < > SKU and Handle (Vend)

Status (Magento) < > Active/inactive (Vend)

Category (Magento) < > Tags (Vend)

Product tax class (Magento) < > Tax class ID (Vend)

Configurable product attributes (Magento) < > Variant attributes (Vend)

[12-05-2014 07:54:27 AM] Warren Pleass: skip magneto with cs-cart

[12-05-2014 07:56:52 AM] caxidtechnologies: Wait I will send working methods and data information

[12-05-2014 07:57:26 AM] Warren Pleass: you should also sell this module to the public

[12-05-2014 07:57:31 AM] Warren Pleass: it will sell well :)

[12-05-2014 07:59:02 AM] caxidtechnologies: Please wait I am reach my office with in 30 minutes

[12-05-2014 10:45:18 AM] caxidtechnologies: Hi

[12-05-2014 10:45:38 AM] caxidtechnologies: are you avaliable now ?

[12-05-2014 10:46:32 AM] Warren Pleass: Yes

[12-05-2014 10:47:05 AM] caxidtechnologies: sorry for replying late.

[12-05-2014 10:48:53 AM] caxidtechnologies: can i start this work, as i’m looking for your assurance in this work.?

[12-05-2014 01:32:05 PM] caxidtechnologies: Hi

[12-05-2014 01:32:27 PM] caxidtechnologies: Are you free now ?

[12-05-2014 01:59:54 PM] Warren Pleass: Im here

[12-05-2014 02:07:24 PM] caxidtechnologies: Can I start this work

[12-05-2014 02:07:34 PM] Warren Pleass: Yes, you said 13 days?

[12-05-2014 02:08:07 PM] caxidtechnologies: Yes 10 to 13 working days

[12-05-2014 02:24:47 PM] Warren Pleass: ok lets do it

[12-05-2014 02:36:08 PM] caxidtechnologies: i need you to pay 50% in advance

[12-05-2014 02:36:50 PM] caxidtechnologies: this is our paypal id support@caxid.com

[12-05-2014 02:37:31 PM] Warren Pleass: ok first tell me what it will integrate

[12-05-2014 02:38:09 PM] caxidtechnologies: it will be integrated in cs-cart

[12-05-2014 02:38:16 PM] Warren Pleass: but which parts

[12-05-2014 02:38:40 PM] Warren Pleass: it needs to integrate inventory, cost price, selling price, customers,

[12-05-2014 02:39:28 PM] caxidtechnologies: no problem and don’t worry as we’ll finish it on our side effectively :)

[12-05-2014 02:40:06 PM] caxidtechnologies: we will give you updates every two days.

[12-05-2014 02:40:53 PM] Warren Pleass: Sharri, you have sent $200.00 USD to caxid technologies.

[12-05-2014 02:41:57 PM] Warren Pleass: Dont mess me around please

[12-05-2014 02:43:04 PM] caxidtechnologies: ok, i need to speak about it to my superiors so please pay us any advance that you can

[12-05-2014 02:43:21 PM] Warren Pleass: I just paid in advance

[12-05-2014 02:43:24 PM] Warren Pleass: check your paypal

[12-05-2014 02:44:34 PM] caxidtechnologies: ok i’ll check it and don’t worry about the work it’ll be A “class”

[12-05-2014 02:49:13 PM] caxidtechnologies: i got your payment thakyou for your support, i’m expecting more support on your side like CS-CART, magento, drupal,wordpress & joomla on that likes. :)

[12-05-2014 03:30:47 PM] Warren Pleass: if you do this job timely and quickly I will have more work for oyu

[12-05-2014 03:30:48 PM] Warren Pleass: you

[12-05-2014 03:30:52 PM] Warren Pleass: please dont let me down

[12-05-2014 04:07:18 PM] caxidtechnologies: ok thank you, dont worry about anything we’ll finish it as soon as possible.

[13-05-2014 03:32:36 PM] Warren Pleass: hows the development going

[13-05-2014 05:29:44 PM] Warren Pleass: ?

[13-05-2014 05:49:30 PM] Warren Pleass: Caxid… I need to know you working on my project

[13-05-2014 08:33:09 PM] caxidtechnologies: Hi good day Warren

[13-05-2014 08:34:47 PM] caxidtechnologies: My team working on local host I will upload soon please

[14-05-2014 02:12:56 PM] Warren Pleass: Hi hows it going

[14-05-2014 06:51:27 PM] caxidtechnologies: Yes bro going fine I will update soon

[14-05-2014 06:51:51 PM] caxidtechnologies: Please

[16-05-2014 08:39:12 AM] Warren Pleass: Hi Caxid, you said updates every 2 days, I just like to know the progress that is made

[16-05-2014 08:40:21 AM] caxidtechnologies: Hi

[16-05-2014 08:40:33 AM] caxidtechnologies: Good day friend

[16-05-2014 08:41:26 AM] caxidtechnologies: Yes I told update every two days

[16-05-2014 08:42:28 AM] Warren Pleass: ok and?

[16-05-2014 08:52:25 AM] caxidtechnologies: But one obligations its not web development services its full type addon codeing work so please wait

[16-05-2014 08:52:38 AM] caxidtechnologies: I will upload soon

[19-05-2014 09:41:41 AM] Warren Pleass: Morning can I have an update

[19-05-2014 09:42:25 AM] Warren Pleass: day 8

[19-05-2014 09:57:36 AM] caxidtechnologies: Hi good day Warren

[19-05-2014 09:57:46 AM] caxidtechnologies: How are you?

[19-05-2014 09:59:36 AM] caxidtechnologies: I will expect tomorrow morning finish and upload your demo link

[19-05-2014 10:05:50 AM] Warren Pleass: awesome

[20-05-2014 03:30:30 PM] caxidtechnologies: Hi good day

[20-05-2014 03:30:40 PM] caxidtechnologies: Warren

[20-05-2014 03:31:49 PM] Warren Pleass: Hi

[20-05-2014 03:32:16 PM] caxidtechnologies: My development team working on this module but I need certain details

[20-05-2014 03:34:39 PM] caxidtechnologies: Which you have told me that you will provide working methods and data information please update me so I can rush in to it

[20-05-2014 03:34:58 PM] Warren Pleass: what you mean?

[20-05-2014 03:35:02 PM] Warren Pleass: what it must do?

[20-05-2014 03:35:26 PM] Warren Pleass: Sync product inventory between the two. either by pressing a button or synced daily by cronjob

[20-05-2014 03:35:34 PM] Warren Pleass: customers synced between both sides

[20-05-2014 03:56:08 PM] caxidtechnologies: Ok fine once i will finish connect you

[20-05-2014 03:56:24 PM] caxidtechnologies: Tomorrow

[20-05-2014 03:56:58 PM] caxidtechnologies: I updated demo link

[21-05-2014 10:13:35 AM] Warren Pleass: Hello

[21-05-2014 10:31:24 AM] caxidtechnologies: how are you?

[21-05-2014 11:41:28 AM] Warren Pleass: good. still deploying today?

[21-05-2014 12:04:16 PM | Edited 12:05:20 PM] caxidtechnologies: Today evening I will upload demo showing link

[21-05-2014 08:17:58 PM] Warren Pleass: ?

[22-05-2014 04:07:50 PM] Warren Pleass: still nothing?

[26-05-2014 06:20:57 AM] caxidtechnologies: I will upload demo showing

[26-05-2014 06:21:32 AM] caxidtechnologies: Today

[26-05-2014 06:21:53 AM] caxidtechnologies: With in two hours

[27-05-2014 08:24:46 AM] Warren Pleass: morning

[27-05-2014 08:24:51 AM] Warren Pleass: I was away on holiday

[27-05-2014 08:36:14 AM] caxidtechnologies: Ok come to connect me thanks

[27-05-2014 09:07:27 AM] Warren Pleass: demo ready?

[27-05-2014 01:51:17 PM] Warren Pleass: Hello where is the service???

[27-05-2014 02:20:15 PM] caxidtechnologies: Hi I will finish our task

[27-05-2014 02:20:51 PM] caxidtechnologies: I upload my server

[27-05-2014 02:21:00 PM] caxidtechnologies: Today

[27-05-2014 02:21:24 PM] caxidtechnologies: Last week local holiday

[27-05-2014 02:22:44 PM] caxidtechnologies: So small communication gap sorry

[28-05-2014 10:18:10 AM] Warren Pleass: sitll no demo?

[28-05-2014 11:39:20 AM] caxidtechnologies: Today I sent demo

[28-05-2014 04:14:06 PM] Warren Pleass: to where?

[28-05-2014 04:14:46 PM] caxidtechnologies: Now I upload

[28-05-2014 06:39:23 PM] Warren Pleass: ?

[28-05-2014 06:40:51 PM] caxidtechnologies: Small bug I fix and connect soon please wait sorry

[28-05-2014 06:42:53 PM] caxidtechnologies: My server plug in missing I am analyse the problem

[29-05-2014 10:52:02 AM] Warren Pleass: this is taking very long :(

[30-05-2014 08:55:15 AM] Warren Pleass: caxid, I think I must write a complaint on cs-cart forums. Half the time you dont respond to me. You said 13 days to me its not approaching 18 days

[30-05-2014 09:36:20 AM] Warren Pleass: very disappointed

[02-06-2014 11:36:14 AM] Warren Pleass: Can I have a response

[02-06-2014 11:36:20 AM] Warren Pleass: else I am going to ask for a refund

[02-06-2014 11:36:22 AM] Warren Pleass: this is not fair

[02-06-2014 11:36:37 AM] Warren Pleass: as well as a complaint of cs-cart forum

[09:13:28 AM] Warren Pleass: Still no response this how you treat customers

[09:13:29 AM] Warren Pleass: disgusting

[11:01:48 AM] Warren Pleass: This is all going on the cs-cart forums

Hello Gizmo,

Sad story :( Their service looks really unprofessional because they have taken your project without creating any technical description or discussing any details. Also, I’ve never seen any reviews about them.

There are lots of trusted CS-cart developers here with good reputation http://forum.cs-cart…-party-reviews/ who will be glad to do a quality work for you. Please, be attentive next time and I hope that caxid will finally implement the integration for you (if they care about their reputation).

Best regards, Alt-team

You have to call the guy. How u have paid the amount, if paypal, open the dispute, while CC - open the chargeback.

If their not responding then post a chargeback and get your money back, don't ever deal with anyone from India. They don't even list CS-Cart as being one of their services so I don't know how you managed to get tangled up in this ball of yarn, they have no respect for human life over their get your money back !

I have started a dispute… I made a big mistake choosing them. Thank you for all your support.