Discrepancy in TAX result


Somebody tried to apply catalogue promotion and then cart promotion and get correct VAT result? (I use subtotal, tax excluding method)

I always get 2 percent miscalculation, unless I deactivate one of the promotions.

Any idea?

I find the same problem to a lesser degree. about .397% off

Start with a product for $12.50 - 40%(cat promo) = 7.50 - 10%(cart promo) = 6.75 x 8.491%(tax) = $0.57 my cart shows $0.60 tax

That would be a tax rate of 8.888% 6.75 x 8.888% = $0.59994

8.888% - 8.491% = 0.397%

We don't get alot of promotion that can cross, but the problem still there.

This is using cs-cart 2.1.1


It is confirmed bug…here is bug tracker link

In my case, it is essencial thing. I have to use double promotion…

Hope it can be fixed soon.