Discounts on Shipping Costs

I have tried to set up discounts on the shipping costs but have no lucks.

For example, I have items A, B, C with shipping costs preset each $10, $20, $30 in the Shipping freight.

Case 1, When all 3 items bought, total shipping will be $60. How to set up let say 50% discount when 2 or all 3 items bought?

Case 2, When all 3 items bought with quantity let say 5 on each, total shipping cost would be $300. How to set up let say 75% discount?

Any advices would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Since CS-Cart provides only a free shipping discount (no percentage discount on shipping), the only thing you can do is create an order discount. This will work if you only have a few items that require discounted shipping when shipped together but will otherwise probably be unmaintainable.

Create a cart promotion as follows:



Group: is All these conditions are True

Products: in ProductA

Products: in ProductB

Products: in ProductC



Order discount: by fixed amount $30

You may be able to play around with the order discounts to kind of achieve what you want but there is no way to directly discount shipping (other than 'free shipping).


I have hundreds of items that have their own preset shipping cost for each. There must be other ways.

Thank jobosales!

Most people do not use shipping freight because there are a number of limitations. You really only have a couple of options:

  1. See if you can create a manual shipping method (using a combination of costs, weights and items) to approximate your shipping charges. Since you can specify lower shipping charges when more items (or more costly items) are purchased, you might be able to get something workable.

  2. Request a quote from CS-Cart to create a new promotion type for shipping discount.

    If you go with the first option, you can also make a feature request for the creation of a shipping discount promotion in the Ideas forum. People can then vote for its inclusion in some future release of the cart.