Discounts based on Payment method

Since 2co charges me some percentage for every order processed through them, it would be great if I could create that % discount on all items if the payment method is selected at Cash on Delivery etc. for local orders.

Just my opinion here, probably not even needed but I thought your request a little strange.

Why are you looking for this functionality? Have you thought it through how this could really effect your bottom line?

Retailers have always taken those costs as losses, it’s standard across the board, honestly I would think it looked kind of shady-fishy if I saw someone offer that option i.e. " cash and or money order get a discount " on their commerce site. If you feel you can’t afford it I would reccomend raising the prices or the s&h to cover the cost.

So is saving a few cents or a % worth not making sales because people are turned off by the option?

People go online to shop because it’s easy, the minute they see something out of the ordinary most stop there and go shop somewhere else, I do.