would be nice to have ability to apply discount to certain category of items in $ or %.

I second that.

Is that not available in 1.3.2? Hmmm…

Hi MarkWhoo

Yes it available in 1.3.2

Good, I have yet to crack this thing open, wanted to hop in the forum and read up on everything prior to installation, so some of this things i am writing about may already be done or about to be done.

Glad this IS available, I use this function a lot in other stores.

By the way, how you doing?

You convert your PC shop to this platform or building another store?

Hi MarkWhoo

Not to bad thanks, i am converting PC shop to this platform. And how are you doing now you have left X.

Well, I am torn right now.

There are many mods I have in most of my stores, so until I get the capabilities over to this platform, i cannot convert those.

I WILL build all of my new stores out of this though. I like it, and I like where it is headed.

I love the openness and acceptance of others and their ideas. I think it would be great if my ideas are incorporated into this platform as I have great hopes for this place and would like to see it beat the pants off of xcrap.

It certainly has the potential to do so right now and I am spreading the word to get more pep-le and modders over here with us.

I noticed you right off when I was reading threads in here. Like so many others I see here, it is almost like being home. That is a good thing.

Have you had success in getting that awesome pic mod to work in this platform yet?

I loved that thing and how it operated.

OK, zardos,

Can the User Discounts accept and process a negative number. I have a couple of customers who I would just love to have see “NUISANCE CHARGE” on their invoices. :slight_smile: