Discount/Coupon {variable}

I created an automatic coupon for a specific product. I want to list the discount amount to expect below the product price. What {variable} can I use to show the discount? It could be a cart or catalog discount.

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You can’t do it below the price without interfering with the code (writing some small addon). I understand that there are to be different codes for each product? You can do this only in the product description, or try to add features and check the “Show in header on the product details page” option, but I’m afraid that it won’t show exactly where you want it.

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Thanks for your response. I found a workaround. I used the promo text box in admin > products and was able to edit the products template to move the promo text right above the product price which is perfect. I wish I could also get the promo text under the price for the product on the category page. I may use a label addon for this.

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