Discount Coupon Code displays wrong Total Value


After applying a discount code of say 20 % off on all products in the cart page the Total Value shown is the value of the discount not the actual Price minus discount value…

I have tested this even with online demo store just to make sure its not a problem at my end and same thing happens…

its kinda funny lol when i see the Order Total after applying the 20% off coupon it shows the value of the discount achieved rather than subtracting the discount from the cost of product and displaying the value.

any suggestions how to fix it? ty:grin:

Check under Bonuses to make sure that you have selected

by percentage of the original price

and not

to percentage of the original price

whooops… that fixed it buddy!

Thank you cs guru!

I am newbiew to cs cart…should have tried it before posting.

One more question…I hate the look of the green boxes that appear when ever there is any warning or message…Can i customize this look? The green box is so small and the fonts are not clear.

Can i get any tips on how to do it? may be a guide?

Change the css. Use Firebug to identify what elements to change the properties of. Note that in 2.1.x, the display area is across the whole top of the page so it might be more readable for you.