Disconnected Downloads

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent the last 14 hours changing settings, googling solutions, and talking to people. No luck. We’re currently on a Cloud VPS with 8 nodes, and have little traffic. Running CS-Cart 2.0.14.

We are an online downloads store, with downloads ranging from 60mb-120mb.

Here’s the problem: While customers (or myself in admin area) try to download files through CS-Cart they are randomly disconnected. I have tried tweaking PHP.ini settings, flushing cache, repairing permissions many times, rebooting the server, rebooting the sql server, no luck.

It seems to be isolated to CS-Cart or PHP, because whenever I set up a download with a direct HTTP link (for myself or customers) downloads never break.

We are losing a lot of money, time, and hair, and this is not the first time this has happened. Sometimes it randomly goes away. If someone has a real fix, we’d be happy to pay. Anything could help, really.

Same here, many poeople reporting downloads (of a total of 103 Mb) quiting after 15 Mb or so already. Some get through after umpteen tries, others just give up and send me Complaint Notes ! Not good.

Sending them a direct link to the file on the same server provides a good download.

Looks as if CS-cart is somehow putting the brakes on downloads internally ???



This isn’t a cs-cart issue

This can be caused by various server related settings but is most likely due to PHP max_execution_time being set too low

If this is your server or VPS, try raising that value to around 400 then test again to see if it has improved. If this does solve your problem you should make further tests using lower limits until you can get that value as low as possible without screwing up the downloads again.

If this doesn’t resolve your problem then check your Apache error log when these errors occur to get more info.

LFD and Suhosin can also cause this problem if they are running on your system so you may need to check thier settings as well

Thank you for those tips. I am not an expert in running servers obviously, but will investigate!


Can you let me know how (if you did so) pass through the restriction of CS-Cart that doesn’t allow .exe and .msi files as downloadables?


Hi Tux,

I changed them to .zip files and added an instruction for the customers to unzip those first before executing.

Not the most elegant solution, but it works, and the kind of customers I happen to have are used to .zip files and installing stuff a ‘little less automated’, fortunately.

I still have troubles with downloads failing though, and am upgrading to a more powerful hosting service for the second time in 2 days already… yuck !