Disabling Fields For Product Form

Hi -

I'm trying, based on some guidance from CS-Cart, to remove some of the fields in the Product form page. The guidance said leverage the "my_changes" add-on (which is enabled) to disable the content based on the logged in user_type. So, for example I've created this directory within our install:


then to disable the "zero action" field I've created this template in that directory:


and put this content inside:

{if $auth.user_type != 'V'}
{__("zpa_refuse")} {__("zpa_permit")} {__("zpa_ask_price")}

Again, the add-on "My changes" is enabled, but even with this setup the field still shows up. Is there something I've missed here? I've also thread through the help page on TPL Hooks and it looks like I'm doing it correctly. Would love some help here as I could have sworn this would work, but its not. Thanks!


You add code to the store-front theme. You should use backend theme which is located here


That was it - thanks!