Disabling Fedex for internation shipments

Hello everyone and thanks for reading.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to disable Fedex for international shipments. I currently use FedEx for domestic shipments only and do NOT have a FedEx international shipping method setup however when ever a Canada customer places a order they can select the FedEx shipping method. To top it off the price that it gives is way off, around 40% lower than the actual cost.

I’m using cs-cart 3.05

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve??

shipping screenshot.jpg

Hello, as a quick thought, check your FedEx Ground shipping method and be certain that you have the Shipping Service set as FedEx Ground (and NOT FedEx International Ground which would return shipping rates to your Canadian customers as you mentioned).



Hello Struck and thanks for your reply. Just checked the Ground and it's set to the standard Fedex ground (Not international).

I think at some point there may have been a FedEx international shipping method setup. My best guess is that the cart is still keeping the setting even though it's been deleted.

Please let me know your thoughts!