Disable Some Auto-Populated Fields On Checkout

Hi, I am trying to disable auto-population on some fields on the checkout page. When a customer is logged into their account and checks out, their info is auto-populated, such as name, address, etc. When they click on the 'My billing address is different from shipping address' check box, the system automatically auto-populates the customer's name and email into the shipping recipient's name and email. I would like to disable the auto-population of the name and email and remove the 'required' status from the email field. Is this possible? CS-Cart is basically treating the sender and the recipient as the same person. When I tried to remove the required status from the email field, the system is telling me that it can not be removed. But because this is now the recipient's info, this field should not be required.

Screenshot - Checkout.jpg

Screenshot -Design Layouts - Administration panel.png