Disable Right Click

Is there anyway that i could protect my images by disabiling the right click on my pages?

Thanks for anyones feedback :slight_smile:


open the ‘index.tpl’ file of your active skin in /skins/your-skin/customer and replace code:

with this one:


There are several posts about right-click and images in the forum.

I just read somewhere that there is a method that overlays a 1 pxl gif image and when some saves the image, they save the gif instead.

The bottom line is that all the methods to prevent copying images just make it slightly harder to click and save an image, for some people.If you can see the image, there is an easy way to save it.

If the images are your own, the main suggestion is to watermark the image in a way that removing the watermark would make the image unusable. Don’t put on very edge where someone could just crop it off.

I don’t know the code, maybe someone else here knows it, but there is a way to prevent someone from linking to your pictures from their website to yours. I had someone do this to me many years ago. They end up using your picture and your bandwidth at the same time!


Yeah, I agree the only real way to protect your images is by watermarking.

The disable right click idea is only helpful to ward of beginner level thiefs, & the other problem with that is you also disable the ability to copy & paste, or any other right click procedures needed at times.

I wish more people would vote to have image watermarking built-in to CS-Cart as it would certainly be used by many, vote here!: