Disable Multiple Supplier Shipping Costs

Hi All,

I'm assisting another member of the forum with shipping related issues.

The member would like to only charge the customer one price instead of multiple supplier shipping costs.


Supplier A sells widget A for $5 shipping

Supplier B sells widget B for $6 shipping

The customer whom purchases both widgets will receive the shipping cost of $11.

Is it possible for the customer to only receive one value, most likely the more expensive of the two?



Line #105

{if $s_rate.rates|[color="#FF0000"]@array_sum[/color]}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$s_rate.rates|[color="#FF0000"]@array_sum[/color]}

No real answer, but last time I looked there was a bug in the “show shipping by supplier” (or whatever it was named) that when un-checked, it didn't show any shipping. But this was in 2.1.3 so not sure if it got addressed. It should definitely be a feature of the product to only show the total shipping cost and not the individual shipments.

Now, I find there is a bug with the supplier addon? I wish CS-Cart told me about this. I feel like I'm wasting weeks trying to get this darn supplier function to work like it should!