disable global option variant

Does the ‘disable’ setting on a global option do anything?

We sell t-shirts. We have 10 colors. We set up color as a global option with 10 variants. But since not all shirts come in all colors we set all but the color white variant to inactive. Thought we could then make specific colors active for each shirt. But when we click rebuild combinations we get all 40 combinations from all colors and sizes.

We expected it to only create 4 variations for white and let us add more color/size combos.

Would the Apply as link choice be needed to do this?

No, if you set the global option to apply as link then make changes, the change will affect all the products that are linked to that global option.

I think the only way is to apply the global option then dlete the colours in each item you dont want.

I sell T shirts too and found it easier to just import the options field from a csv file instead of going into each product.