disable e-commerce


For administrative reason, I must disable my e-shop for one month:-( …it’s possible to disable the possibility to “add to cart” and the “top” menu? In another words, the user allow to view the catalog, but can’t buy any product…can i do this?

thanks a lot


If you enable inevtory tracking and set all of your products to 0 than I would think that a customer could see your store, but everything would be out of stock.

Along with the inventory you could state on your home page that the store will be closed for a month.


for the add to cart you can adjust the image.tpl to not show the button for sure.

The top menu - same thing you can adjust the top.tpl or top_menu.tpl to remove the items you dont want to show - depending on what you customized in those templates - if you are looking to remove the view cart and checkout buttons - dont forget to modify the bottom.tpl as well