Disable Cache

Hi All,

How to disable cache?

I get warning for my hosting (hostmonster), many background process running in my website (20 processes just poped up). I think this process from cache. I use database cache method. Any can help me?


Number of php processes is not a function of the cart nor of the cart's cache. PHP processes are spawned by Apache (or whatever webserver you are using). I would check your access_logs to see whether someone/something is slamming your site.

I would also strongly recommend that if you are running a real business (versus a hobby) that you use VPS hosting rather than shared.

Andry, you might want to start a discussion with HostMonster about enabling XCache or any other PHP Accelerator for your account.

Hi All,

Thanks for your information and suggenstion. Im already contact to Hostmonster and Cs Cart support but did not get satisfactory answers and solutions on this matter. Are there any other suggestions? I think better i will move my hosting, please advice best hosting for Cs Cart. Currently my site is down ;(