Disable addon from database


I installed https://maurisweb.ru/ addon and after expired trial when I try to access admin addon manager page I get -Service unavailable- error. How to disable the addon from database because maurisweb support doesn’t reply and I need urgent access.

  • log in the phpMyAdmin
  • find the cscart_addons table
  • find the maurisweb_addon_manager line
  • set status to D
  • delete the var/cache directory manually

There can be also records related with the modules from maurisweb. You can find them by “maurisweb”


Try this one:

UPDATE cscart_addons SET status = 'D' WHERE addon = 'mariusweb_addon_manager';

and remove the cache after updating the database.

I cleared cache and still the same eror when try to access addon manager. The only 2 results are from the picture, same for ‘maurisweb’ search.

Did that with same result

Try deleting the var/cache/ folder completely

Did that with the same result, I also cleared browser cache.

In this case seems like the only way is to completely delete this entry from the table.
Make the back up of this table (cscart_addons) and execute the following query:

DELETE FROM cscart_addons WHERE addon = 'mariusweb_addon_manager';

And then again clear the cache.

That worked, thanks!