Direct Customer-To-Vendor Payment vs Marketplace promotions

Hi guys,

i’m currently desperate for a general discount product for the entire marketplace. first of all, the “Customer-To-Vendor Payment” addon is active in my marketplace.

This eliminates the addon with the bonus codes. which is a pity, but ok i can help myself. To compensate missing bonus codes, we have installed bonus products at our vendors, which are digital, free and hidden. Coupled with vendor promotions (the special product is in the shopping cart) this works quite well.

Now, however, from a marketplace perspective, i wanted to implement a general bonus code that simply gives a 5% or 10% discount on all products (regardless of the vendor) if the condition allows it.

But even if i have not defined a condition and only have the 5% bonus active on all products in the marketplace promotion, this is not applied. Does a marketplace promotion with “Customer-To-Vendor Payment” addon no longer work?

Please help.

Best regards

Really? Nobody can help?

Unfortunately common marketpace promotions are not applicable if the Direct Customer-To-Vendor Payments are enabled. A modification is required to alter this behaviour.