Direct Connection To Erp- / Wawi Systems?

my english is not so good please excuse.
Nevertheless I try to explain my request:
In order to start a good marketplace (Vendor Plus) (in Germany) such a good program also needs various connections to different ERP systems / WAWI systems - so that the orders of the vendors can be transmitted directly into their system cleanly.
In detail this means that
- orders are transmitted to the partner (seller) in his system after 15 minutes
- that prices & inventory can be updated every 15 minutes by the partner on the marketplace
In Germany there are great ERP systems / WAWI systems with over 5000 online shops, e.g. Plentymarkets, JTL software, DreamRobot etc.
Are there already possibilities via an API connection or would something like that be possible here?
Greeting Dirk

Hi Dirk,

any solutions you found?



unfortunately no :)
I have also decided completely against CS-Cart. This has not only the reason of missing interfaces -a ch the API has some bugs and the whole system is also not really suitable for the German market - we have in DE many legal regulations, which are unfortunately not really implementable with CS-Cart.
I'm now having something completely new developed with PHP framework Laravel, tailored directly to my needs and without things I don't need anyway.
Must now only see that I can sell my CS_Cart license :)
Greetings Dirk