DineroMail Payment Gateway Method for Latinamerica

I am traying to add a new payment gateway for customers in Latinamerica this service is DineroMail you can see more info here: [url]https://mx.dineromail.com/biblioteca[/url]

Ok i create a new php script in the folder payments dinero_mail.php


// $Id: dinero_mail.php 7502 2010-23-11 14:54:59Z fcastrof $


echo <<

?> ```

Ok the question is: when the costumer finish the transaction in the website of DineroMail they will be returned to my site but the car still full and the order keep failed status my idea is: when the costumer will returned to the site verify if the url of acces come from DineroMail and change the status of order to Open "O" and clear the itesm in the cart.

Step by step:
1 customer add itesm to the car
2 cutomer select dineromail as payment method
3 dineromail process the bill
4 dineromail send the costumer back to the store fro this url "https://checkout.dineromail.com/CheckOut/ConfirmPayment/mx_oxxo"
5 verify if the url from return is from "https://checkout.dineromail.com/CheckOut/ConfirmPayment/mx_oxxo"
6 change order status to open "O" and send confirmation email
7 Clear cart items

Please helpme to improve this.


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