Digital download as a variant?

Hi, I have a trial version installed and am trying to create one product, a video, with a physical shipping option and a digital download option.

I don't want to have two separate products, one for the physical DVD and one for the digital download, I would like to have one product with two variants.

Can this be done? So far I can only seem to add a file, and make the whole thing a digital download, or create two separate products.



Wow, I just looked into Cs-cart today while I already made a choice of an other eCommerce solution (WP E-commerce/Opencart), and I have the exact same question.

For me it is very important, and variants would be pretty useless for digital products if it is not possible.

Would love to heard a good news, and hope it is easily doable, or scheduled in the next version.

So, I assume this is not possible :D

Is it in the roadmap at least?