Diffrent Language in the shop


if i have diffrent language in the shop and a vendor clone a product. De default value for englisch wil be

Productexample [CLONE].

If the vendor change only for 1 languae all english variant is it not corecct.

i have many products whit [CLONE][CLONE][CLONE][CLONE][CLONE][CLONE][CLONE] …

anyone have a solution for this?

in V3 is the same thing.

Thank you

Someone understand what i mean?

As soon as a product is saved its contents exist in both languages so you will have to edit each language if you want to change the title.

Only when you create a product for the first time, it will copy all main language contents to your other languages content. After that, they are on their own.

( A clone is nothing more then a copy of an existing product with [CLONE] added to the title. Naturally the software assumes you will edit the new products contents (all languages) after which you can also delete [CLONE] )

In my case i must give a notice to the vendor's if there will clone a product. Not all vendors will spend mutch time to add a product, clone a existing one and forgot that the product are false in the other language, this is a problem. i think i must deactive aditional language untill i have a solution for this.