Difficult Deal With Photos

Hello, I have imported photos by CSV:

  • thumbnail with logo product
  • rest of photos

The problem is for rest of photos size has been "standardized" by CS-Cart and I can see white white stripes on photos. It's look not esthetic and not really necessary.. can I upload photos without any changes, especially ratio?

OK, I found, you have to remove both value of: Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail & Product details page thumbnail (main photo, thumbnail).

Removing size constraints will have you downloading potentially huge imagery (no restriction on size) which can be overwhelming from a performance standpoint for mobile (and some desktop) devices.

Not supposed be like that - original image - full size. Rest of photos will be downsized for some reason? I might think from WP experience. Unification for full size is not necessary, but for some websites helpful..

I checked results on phone and yes, they did download full sized thumbnail for each product, which cost some transfer, however I didn't find any other solution except editing each photos to match aspect ratio of CSC.

On the Settings -> Thumbnails page set empty value for the "Thumbnail background color" option. In this case background of images will be transparent