Different Template for each product

Possible ? (and/or different template for each category)


…nothing …no possible?

I think if you’re familiar with Smarty tags and php you can probably do anything in terms of switching templates. I used a different template for my home page and this required modifying several CSC tpl files. The amount of work involved really depends on how extensive your changes are.

Im like add a particolar template for each product and or categorie/sub.

Like best solution are: inside product / category add the template file.

For now, the best thing you can do is setup a product the way you like and clone it for more products. It doesn’t give you much ability to customize the page, but at least you won’t have to re-do everything from the start.

since like this :

have 3 (or some) products and like add a different custom graphic template for each product product1 have template.1 / product2 have template.2 product3 have template.3 etc…

Other ecomm (js…via…)have the option to add custom Template For Product Page.

like this.