Different stores, but same shipping countries?


I have a Store Builder Ultimate license and I just build two storefront on the same domain www.mywebsite.com for Europe and mywebsite.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com for the USA.

I notice that I can’t activate different shipping countries for different storefronts. Why is that?
Storefront are completely divided, different products, different company and I require to ship to different countries too.

If you are using Store Builder Ultimate, in the Storefronts tab of the shipping method settings, you can assign the storefronts that should use this shipping method.

Thank you Cs-Cart Team, yes indeed, I can specify shipping methods for different storefront, however I can’t specify which COUNTRIES are active and valid for that Storefront.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.
I can select which countries are active and selectable on ALL storefront.
I would need to have active only US in the USA storefront and European countries in the European Storefront.

I can recommend you to use this feature, which is available by default:

Thank you team, I’m already aware of that, but unfortunately that’s not what I need, for two reasons .

  1. The countries list of ALL the storefront ALWAYS appears :

  2. That redirect creates a problem with Google that doesn’t want to indicize the page :

302 Found
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently

200 OK

Problems found:

  • You use 301 and 302 redirect at the same time. This might be confusing for search engine. Generally, please do not use 301 and 302 redirects at the same time.
  • You use a 302 redirect. This means, that the actually content is temporary not reachable and will come back soon. To use a 302 redirection for generally moved pages is a bad idea. Search engine bot might not follow it or handle it as temporary. For SEO this is also a bad idea, because no link juice will be transferred to the linked page.

I am afraid, you cannot specify enable countries for specific store-front without extra code modifications

Indeed ecomlabs, I was planning to add some modification and show only what I need.

This issue was fixed in CS-Cart version 4.17.1:
[!] Storefronts: Regions: Pages of the regional storefront with redirect enabled might not be indexed by crawlers. Fixed.

Thank you, I’ll ask my technician to update the website.