Different store_closed page for each store within ultimate

Here's one for anyone who wants a challenge.

This to me is a missed detail on cscarts part. Currently all stores within a cscart ultimate installation use the same default store_closed.html template.

This is silly as you cannot customise the copy or the style of this page to suit each store. For example, it may be that each store has different contact info to show when the store is closed.

Anyone know how i might achieve this whilst i wait for cscart to put out a fix?


// Check if store is closed
if (Registry::get('settings.store_mode') == 'closed') {
if (!empty($_REQUEST['store_access_key'])) {
$_SESSION['store_access_key'] = $_GET['store_access_key'];
if (empty($_SESSION['store_access_key']) || $_SESSION['store_access_key'] != Registry::get('settings.General.store_access_key')) {
return array(CONTROLLER_STATUS_REDIRECT, Registry::get('config.current_location') . '/store_closed.html');

Guess you could hack away and also use company_id for each store and specify a different html file to be displayed.