Different stock for different store fronts


Do anyone know if it possible in one way or another to have different stock for the same product in different storefronts? I tried to look in to the warehouse add on, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Try assigning goods to warehouses, and set a showcase as warehouses. It may work, but it’s not accurate.

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We have developed our own module for managing warehouses and balances. We lacked logic in the functional out of the box and therefore wrote our own. See if you can find what you need for your tasks.

Logistics: fulfillment, cross docking, your own storage, PVZ points
The module is designed for working with the marketplace in the format of fulfillment, crossdocking, dropshipping, or trading from your storage.

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It should help to solve your problem. Please read the following article


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Try allocating items to warehouses and designating a showcase as one. It might be effective, but it’s inaccurate.