Different Prices depending on Location


We’re shipping books to two countries where the fixed book price law applies (in other words, publishers, not us, determine the prices) and prices are different for each country. In other words, we may be legally bound to sell a book for $20 to one country and $25 to the other with any combination being possible.

I guess the function I’m after is being able to enter two prices for each product and have the shop pick the right one at check out. However, I haven’t seen anything that would come close. I’m not opposed to coding, but I’m trying to keep it to a minimum…

Any ideas?


Hello Sserena,

How will the cart “accurately” determine the correct price to display to your customers prior to them actually logging in so there country can be determined (& will this pricing be based upon their Billing or Ship To address)?

If you hid the pricing on your cart so that the pricing could only viewed by registered customers after logging in, then you could most likely display their accurate pricing by utilizing “User Groups”.

I am not for certain, however, this may be a very good candidate for a Cs-Cart Ultimate setup with 2-stores. Have you looked over the Ultimate version yet?

Thanks for your message (and sorry about my delay - hurricane).

I guess in theory it would be possible to do a detection based on the ip address, but with the shop storing only one price, it's probably always going be a rather bad fix.

Regarding the user groups… I guess I could create 500 promotions or so but this doesn't seem to be a great approach either.

I have looked at the Ultimate setup, yea. It doesn't feel like the most natural solution either (even though the management of two shops got considerably simpler, it's still not the same as just setting two prices for one article in one shop), but it may be the best one in our situation.

Unless you (or anyone else) has another idea, that's probably where it's going.


As far as i understand, the solution to your request could be localizations.

If you configure localizations (that determine the country of the visitor by ip), you could create different products (you can clone them) for the different countries and assign the right product to be shown in each country changing the price field (or the fields you want). This way you will have the product duplicated but you can manage all in a single store.

I hope this can help you, it is just an idea.

Should anyone ever stumble over this thread in search for the same functionality… I ended up creating a module which takes care of it (it's quite complex, due to some limitations of CsCart's internal structure). Feel free to contact me if you could make use of it…