Different payments checkout


if some vendors link their paypal account ONLY and some vendors link their stripe connect account ONLY

how can we structure checkout so we do paypal users first and then stripe users

currently it doesnt allow cusotmers to proceed if there is a mismatch and numerous products are in the checkout

I am afraid, there is no such a feature in Multi-Vendor

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You have to lean towards one of those payment systems and make it a condition for vendors to register in it, in order to participate in Marketplace. Multi-Vendor does not support using two different payment methods for one order.

You could also use Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments, but that’s a completely different thing and would probably require a lot of changes in your store.

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Hi Riwaya,

Yes, it is possible through customization.

You could also use Direct customer-to-vendor payments and put restrictions to do the checkout with Paypal first and then with Stripe users.

If you want we can help you with the same.