Different payment methods for different products

Hey guys,

I was looking around forum and user manual on how to set up different payment methods for different products and I couldn’t find any information.

Is this possible?

My case is that I have a few services in the store, like Online Backup, that are supposed to be charged using recurring billing. The problem is that this doesn’t work too well for me at the moment since PayPal is my only payment processor and I cannot get a proper payment gateway working due to PCI. What I’m trying to achieve is, when the Online Backup service is added to the cart, the check out shows a different payment method than PayPal, so I can display the “Subscribe” button for PayPal. That way, I will be able to set up recurring billing through PayPal without storing any CC data on my server.

Can someone please advise on this?


Hi tuxmeister,

did you ever find out if what you described here is possible?