Different Pagination based on either Category or Layout

Has anyone come up a way to change the pagination for different categories. I have tried and tried but to no success… yet.

We have a number of categories in our store and most of them use the grid layouts to display products. These are typically categories where a customer would normally buy one of an item.

However, we have about a dozen categories that sell items that are purchased in multiples and there are quite a number of products in each category. Here we are using a modified Compact List layout that has a quanity input field next to the Add to Cart button. All works fine except we are forced to display the same number of products per page as the categoies using the grid layouts. Our space-saving compact list is wasted because we can only display a small number of items… because of the grid layout used elsewhere.

Having different pagination based on either the type of layout used OR the categories would be fine but I can’t find out where I can add the condition. I would even consider disabling pagination for the categories that use the Compact List format.

Anybody out there with any thoughts on how to tackle this one?


As in most software changes the answer is “it depends”.

If you want to add an input of either a checkbox or input field to your categories to override the standard page size, then you will have to intercept your category controller and either overwrite the Registry setting or modify all the templates that use it to use a new valued (obviously the 1st mehtod is preferred).

Or, if it's only a handful of categories and you don't mind working directly with their category ids, you can skip the category input stuff and just manipulate it directly in a pre controller.

In my ideal world (where the sky is always blue and the birds are singing 8) ) the product pagination would be a factor on the layout tab of the category. Sure there can be default value set in the main settings but at least give me the option to override it on a per category basis. This is one of the very few peeves I have with CS-Cart.

I have about a dozen categories that I would like to change from the default pagination and they all use the Compact List format (and only the compact list) exclusively. Sounds like I can go abou thtis a few ways?