Different Background Color For Different Pages


I need to have some pages with black background (home and some other pages) and have the category and product detail pages with a white background.

Even if I don't agree with this kind of "design" I have to please my "customer" ...

Any idea on how to do that ? Create custom templates or whatever ?



Hi Luca

check our addon http://www.cscart.biz/categories-background.html


Hi Fotis,

hope you are well.

Thank you for your suggestion but this not what I was searching for,

I have the Homepage in black, and intermediate page to chosse between two main categories in black, and then the Categories and Product detail pages in white.

I'm working with the my_changes costumization method and by changing the templates, but I don't have found a solution yet.




I have found a possible solution by adding a class to the index.tpl body tag

This way I have "custom-categories" for the categories page body tag and "custom-products" for the product detail page body tag.

After that, working with the CSS selectors is quite easy.

For example to have the product categories grid with a white background:

.custom-categories .content-grid {