Different Activation Email For Each Usergroup


The system auto sends an email to the customer ( if you have it checked to notify the customer ) when you activate them in a usergroup. Is it possible to have a separate email notification for each usergroup in your store? Like if you have usergroups named Preferred Customers, Wholesale, and Sew Buddies is it possible that each of those groups has it’s own “welcome to the group” email once you click to activate a customer in it? The reason would be so that we can customize the email for each group, maybe adding special info for that particular group, or maybe a “welcome to the group - here’s your 1st order discount for joining” type messages? We wouldn’t want the same message on all group account activation emails.

Thanks for any help you can give

It would not be a big modification to support using separate email templates per usergroup. I.e. if an email template exists for [usergroup_name].tpl, use it, otherwise use the default.