DIBS Payment (Emergency)

Hi all

I just got the green flag for my payment.

Added the MD5 keys and tryed on test mode.

Now when we are about to go live i changed the status to live on DIBS.

Now when i press pay i get the screen Placing the order. Please be patient…

Then nothing happens.

I dont get to DIBS at all.

Any tips on this

Clear cache

This was actualy the first thing i tryed.

Once more now stil the same isue.

My critical time isue is now that DIBS is to perform a live buy and now it dont work :frowning:

Just put it back in testmode, now this dosent work either :S

Anyone got any tips ?

Realy in a hurry and dont remember my pass for helpdesk and my mail is not accseible from work.

Puh got my pass and ticket postet.

Solved :slight_smile:

Thanks Support team