Developer Documentation


I am looking for some documentation on building an addon for cs-cart. I have been through the documentation on the cs-cart website, but it seems to be lacking any practical examples.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?


Looking for the same thing - want to add a new payment module but can't find any actual details on the system.

Found this page - adding a new gateway - but that doesn't give any details or links to details on how the payment module would work. The sum total of the documentation for that appears to be:

[indent]Create a script (which will send data to your payment processor server) with the name e.g. your_payment_script.php in the payments directory of your CS-Cart installation.[/indent]

which does not really give much information…

For example, looking at some existing scripts they call functions like






where can I find the details about these functions, what the params are, what they do, what the results are, why they should used etc.

The developer documentation section does not contain any of this as far as I can see.

Can anyone show where these sort of things are defined?

For Payment Gateways the easiest thing to do is look at the existing gateways that come with cs-cart. There are tons of them in the payments directory of your cart. The actual code for a payment gateway is pretty self explanatory once you look through several of the examples that come with the cart.

Use one closest to your new gateway as a starting point.

This method works for developing any cs-cart addon. There are tons of addons that come with the cart (in the add-ons directory). Study them and learn.