Dev Needed Asap For Paid Work

Hi guys

sites been down for 2 days now, can I reliable dev who can fix the issues immediatley contact me with a price so we can get this fixed.


Why not restore a backup and be done with it?

Well, stupidly, we ran the update without taking a backup for a few weeks and I’ve made some big changes that I would rather not loose.

A lesson learnt believe me.

I think I’ve pretty much sorted most of it. Theres just a couple of issues I can’t figure out. And I’ve had enough. I kinda like my monitor. :)

No one can give you a price if they don't have any idea of the problem and/or symptoms. If you've made a lot of customizations or have a lot of 3rd party addons, then that all takes time to sort through.

If you could be more specific on what the “site is down” means to you, that would help. Are you getting DB errors, PHP errors, template errors, css formatting issues, etc.?

He has several recent posts of different issues due to a failed update. Hence the reason why I keep suggesting a backup because it's basically a rats nest at the moment.

See if your host has a more recent backup.

Pretty much sorted now thanks to eCom Labs.

I highly, highly recommend eCom Labs for any work you may need. Nothing seems to be too much or too difficult for these guys.

We are glad to help you, Sean :)